He still can become POTUS?

The numbskull who wants to become the next president of the United States has been determined unfit to run a business in New York.

A judge has fined him $355 million because he defrauded investors over his supposed vast wealth. This is on top of the $88 million he’s been ordered to pay a journalist for (a) raping her and (b) defaming her character.

And yet … the U.S. Constitution apparently continues to clear the way for this idiot to campaign for the Republican Party presidential nomination and then — if nominated — run for the U.S. presidency.

What in the world is wrong with this picture?

One thought on “He still can become POTUS?”

  1. Numerous lawyers have chimed in and feel this will be overturned. Fornone, there’s no crime when there’s no victim, and there’s no victim in this case. Second, the judge halted several testimonies after several banks stated they wanted to do business with Trump and would do so again. He paid his loans back and on time.

    Judge was corrupt and showed his hand by basically stating the outcome before the trial.

    There’s a pattern of corruption when it comes to these allegations against Trump. Fani Willis ran her campaign on prosecuting Trump, along with the slogan of not sleeping with subordinates. LOL, now that’s funny. She admitted taking CASH from campaign and stashing it in her house. Can you say campaign fraud? So, who’s the fraud?

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