What? Trump’s a crook? No-o-o!

A judge has ruled that Donald J. Trump is a crook, a fraud who lied his way into obtaining business deals that fattened his wallet.

How did he do it? By overstating his wealth … repeatedly! The supposed titan of commercial real estate even faked the size of his Trump Tower apartment to enable him to obtain funds for this or that business deal.

Trump, quite naturally, is appealing the judge’s ruling, all the while hurling epithets at the judge who made the ruling from the bench in a court proceeding,

Raise your hand if you are shocked — shocked, I tell ya! — to learn this about the Republican Party frontrunner for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination. You may count me out of that roll call of numbskulls.

But, of course none of this will matter to the gullible MAGA moron crowd of cult followers who insist it’s the judicial system that’s corrupt, not the idiot who has been determined to be the fraudulent mastermind behind a fraudulent empire.

One thought on “What? Trump’s a crook? No-o-o!”

  1. What I want to know is this:

    If he’s been drastically inflating the value of his real estate, particularly his NY apartment —

    What kind of property taxes has he been paying?

    Has he paid the taxes based on the inflated size/value of the property?

    Or has he paid the taxes based on the actual size/value?

    My guess is that he’s inflated the value to continue to get favorable terms on loans, and he’s used the actual value to pay property taxes.

    That is, if he pays property taxes at all.

    My guess is he doesn’t.

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