This is what POTUSes do!

Joe Biden wasted no time doing what presidents of the United States are supposed to do when disaster strikes the nation.

He issued a disaster declaration for Mississippi, which has been ravaged by tornadoes that killed more than 20 residents in that state and in neighboring Alabama. The federal government now has been ordered to expedite federal assistance to those who have lost property and loved ones.

Why is this worth mentioning? Let’s see. His immediate predecessor apparently based his decisions on matters such as this on whether the affected stated cast most of their votes for him in the previous presidential election.

Do you recall how POTUS 45 scolded California for its “forest management practices” while hedging on whether to issue a disaster declaration in the wake of the fires that ravaged thousands of acres of timberland? I don’t even remember whether he issued that declaration, but the point is that he made a big deal out of an issue because California didn’t support him in his first bid for office in 2016.

President Biden is not going to play that stupid game. Mississippi didn’t vote for him, either, but he stepped up and did what presidents are supposed to do: help all Americans in need.