Heading into the ‘belly of the beast’?

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — This therapeutic journey I’ve been on for the past several days is going to take a fascinating turn in the morning.

But I hope it isn’t too fascinating.

My sister and her family await Toby the Puppy and me on the California coast, in Santa Cruz, which, if you’ve been following the news lately, has been at sort of “ground zero” of this thing they have labeled an “atmospheric river.”

This so-called “river” has dumped a lot of rain on the gorgeous community. Sis has been keeping me apprised of the situation as I have trekked my way westward from Texas on a journey that began March 15. It’s been “pouring,” then the sky has cleared, then it has poured again.

On and off it has been.

Toby the Puppy and I have had a marvelous time so far. We believe more fun is in store as we prepare to head for the coast. I just hope it will be a “dry” fun.

The adventure continues.