‘New normal’ for fuel prices: still weird

We all were kids once and many of us of a certain age remember when it was “normal” to pay, oh, 25 cents for a gallon of motor fuel.

No more, gang. We now are in the midst of the “new normal” that allows us to rejoice — if only just a bit — when the price of go-juice dips below $3 per gallon.

I just filled up my pickup in Princeton, Texas, where gasoline is now being peddled for $2.52 per gallon at the service station near my home. The truck was practically empty — not “running on fumes” empty, but still pretty low. The pump stopped at less than $40. The truck was full.

I am acutely aware that the new normal means something different for our fellow Americans in California, or Hawaii, or New York. I hear about it all the time; I have family members out west who pay a whole lot more per gallon for gas than we do in Texas.

Still, it makes me chuckle when I applaud the notion of paying $2.52 per gallon for gasoline … when I recall how it used to be.

To be sure, it’s a whole lot more tolerable to shell out dough for gasoline when it’s two whole dollars per gallon less expensive now than it was just a little while ago.