Midterm result: Boring is good

When he was campaigning for president in 2020, I wondered at the time whether Joe Biden could somehow find a way to make “boring” a more fashionable form of politics.

I believe the result of the 2022 midterm election suggests that well might be the case. President Biden, in the eyes of Democratic political strategists, simply turned to his legislative accomplishments and sold enough Americans in key states that it’s OK to plod along and produce legislation that benefits them.

The election result produced a stunning outcome. Democrats retained control of the Senate; their grip on the upper chamber might tighten just a bit if Sen. Raphael Warnock knocks off Herschel Walker in the Dec. 6 runoff in Georgia. A Warnock victory would give the Democrats a 51-49 majority, which I realize isn’t great, but it’s better than a 50-50 tie; it’s a damn sight better than turning the body over to the wacky GOP that adheres to nutjob notions that most Americans oppose.

One of the reasons I supported Biden’s election in 2020 was that he brought a steady hand to the executive branch of government. Lord knows we needed steadiness after the chaos brought by the previous four years.

Now, to be sure the president hasn’t been successful with every single effort he has undertaken. But with the help of a strong House speaker in Nancy Pelosi and a Democratically controlled Senate that at times seemed to wobble in its support of key legislation, the president has been able to notch some key victories.

Congress enacted legislation aimed at curbing gun violence; it has enacted infrastructure repair and renovation; it has approved legislation aimed at combatting climate change; the president sought and achieved legislation that curbs the cost of prescription drugs.

How President Biden helped Democrats avert a midterm disaster (msn.com)

And, yes, the annual budget deficit has shrunk, the nation has added millions of jobs, we are vaccinating more Americans daily against the COVID virus.

Do not tell me that the inflation we are enduring is President Biden’s fault exclusively. It is nothing of the sort. The inflation is a worldwide crisis that is being felt in rich countries and poor ones. It’s a result of the supply chain issue, the Ukraine War and other factors that no U.S. president can possibly hope to control.

Yep, boring is good. I believe the boring list of accomplishments that Joe Biden has rung up has given the nation an important political victory by staving off the so-called “red wave” that frightened millions of us.


3 thoughts on “Midterm result: Boring is good”

  1. President Biden has done as good as could be expected, far better than most, under the circumstances.

    1. How so? It seems like the economy is worse with inflation skyrocketing. Gas prices are horrendous. We’re about out of Diesel. Transgender ideology has become more and more embraced. We’ve gotten more and more involved with yet another war. We’re seeing record numbers of illegal aliens crossing.

      What exactly is better now than it was under Trump?

      1. And you are blaming Joe Biden for the gas prices and inflation? Hmm. OK. It’s far deeper than anything the POTUS can address unilaterally. You ought to know that. Ukraine War, supply chain issues caused by the pandemic, pent up demand (also caused by pandemic) all have contributed. What does POTUS do about that? We are better off now because we have a POTUS who knows how to conduct himself. And do not tell me the world is a better place with The Donald in charge. That is pure horse manure.

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