GOP House member shows his conscience

What the heck? A member of the U.S. House Republican caucus has issued a stern warning to those election deniers out there.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Houston says the election deniers know they are fomenting a lie and it is going to hurt them … badly.

Finally, we are hearing from someone other than Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger that the GOP congressional caucus needs to pull its collective head out of its backside.

It’s progress, man. That’s all I can say about that.

The Big Lie is damaging our democratic process. It is sullying our nation’s most cherished right. It besmirches the reputations of state and local election officials who work diligently to ensure that our elections are safe, free, fair and legal.

Dan Crenshaw says election deniers know they’re lying | The Texas Tribune

“It was always a lie. The whole thing was always a lie. And it was a lie meant to rile people up,” Crenshaw said on a podcast, deriding some of his peers as “political personalities” rather than “politicians.”

If only more GOP pols would see the truth … and speak it loudly and clearly.