Trump gets subpoena … good!

Donald John Trump has been formally summoned to appear before the 1/6 House select committee examining the insurrection that Trump incited.

Except that Trump keeps insisting he did not do a damn thing wrong. That his challenge of the 2020 presidential election result is valid and that he has proof of “widespread voter fraud.”

But, wait! He hasn’t presented a shred of evidence to back his specious contention of non-existent widespread fraud.

We now are going to see whether this individual believes in the rule of law. Will he appear before the panel? Will he tell House members the “whole truth?” Will he dispel any notion that his fiery speech on the Ellipse on 1/6 intended to result in the frontal assault on the government?

Excuse me while I laugh my ass off!

This individual who pretends to stand for toughness, truth and the American Way is likely to cower behind the Fifth Amendment constitutional guarantee against self-incrimination. That’s his right. It also suggests to me that he is guilty as hell … just as he said of those associated with criminal activity involving his political foes.