Stop the tease, Democrats

I am going to make this plea once more to U.S. House Democrats serving on the 1/6 select committee.

Stop teasing us with declarations that you have provided proof “beyond a reasonable doubt” that Donald J. Trump should be prosecuted for his role in instigating the 1/6 insurrection against the government.

You see, I don’t need convincing. However, I do not want to get my expectations elevated to an unreasonable level that Attorney General Merrick Garland is going to indict Trump for inciting the assault on our government as members of Congress — and the vice president — were tallying the Electoral College totals from the 2020 presidential election.

That was the one Trump lost to Joseph R. Biden.

The televised hearings have been compelling. I have been riveted by the testimony. The witnesses who have told of Trump’s active participation in the conspiracy to overturn the election have painted a grim and frightening picture of an individual who was derelict in his duty to protect the Constitution and to quell the violence that erupted on Capitol Hill.

Let’s allow the AG to do his work without hearing the same things I am hearing from committee Democrats … that he’s got enough to prosecute.

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