Blowhards just piss me off

Congress is filling itself with too damn many right-wing blowhards, individuals who — at the moment they take their oaths of office — start spouting nonsense without giving a second thought to the consequence of their fiery rhetoric.

Sen. Rick Scott of Florida is the latest right-winger to blather garbage about the president of the United States who, I hasten to add, answers to a much greater constituency that any of the 100 men and women who serve in the Senate.

Scott said President Biden should resign. That he doesn’t have the snap to do the job. He joins other right-wing nut cases — such as Rep. Ronny Jackson of Texas — to offer a medical diagnosis of the president without any actual personal contact with him.

Scott joined the Senate in 2019 after he defeated longtime Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson. He pushed himself immediately in front of TV cameras. Scott is now some sort of spokesman for the MAGA caucus within the Senate.

He’s another dipsh**! Pure and simple.

Just so you need to be reminded, I have spoken negatively about left-leaning political wannabe superstars, too. I have scolded them for blathering too frequently without first paying their dues. So, spare me the “what about the Democrats” canard.

I just am sick and tired of the yammering from the far-right wing of a once great political party about an issue — namely the POTUS’s fitness — that does not exist!

Stick to what the hell you know, Sen. Scott.