She was the face of an institution

I want to share a brief word of sorrow over some news I just received from the Texas Panhandle.

Jeane Bartlett, who founded the human resources department at the Amarillo Globe-News (where I worked for nearly 18 years), has just died. Her niece told me via social media.

I am heartbroken.

Jeane spent 55 years working for the newspaper. She retired in 2001 after working with several publishers and two owners.

The first owner was a local family, the Whittenbergs, who then sold the paper to Morris Communications in the early 1970s. The new owners then sought to create an HR department and tasked Bartlett with setting it up. She completed the task and ran a department with equal amounts of efficiency and compassion.

Jeane was one of two Bartletts to work at the Globe-News. Her late husband, Harry, served as production director; his tour at the GN totaled 38 years. So, between them they compiled 93 years of experience at the newspaper of record for the Texas Panhandle.

Jeane Bartlett ran the newspaper’s involvement with the Scripps Howard Spelling Bee, highlighting the accomplishments of local youngsters. She put together holiday parties and became the go-to person on an entire array of community-related events.

Jeane was a tiger but was a sweet one. I relied on her wise counsel to resolve a personnel issue that needed fixing when I was employed there.

I am saddened by all measure to hear the news that she has left this good Earth. I just wanted to share these thoughts with you. I’ll collect my thoughts and wits later.

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  1. Jeanne was always incredibly gracious and kind to me, but I never once doubted that she was tough as nails. Her encouragement as I took over at the editor’s desk following my dad’s death helped guide me through a difficult time in my life and that of The Canadian Record. I have always kept that in mind, and tried to share it forward. A wonderful woman, a true mentor, a good soul.

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