What the … ? Red-light cams in hospital zone?

Allow me this prediction: The day the Amarillo City Council authorizes installation of red-light cameras on Coulter Street, smack in the middle of the city’s medical complex, is the day a recall petition will be launched to kick every one of them out of office.

I might even gather signatures myself to put it on the ballot.

Some leaders in Tamarac, Fla., though, apparently think it’s all right to bust red-light runners in emergency zones.


The idea at the Tamarac hospital zone is to catch those who run red-lights. The cameras take pictures of license plates, police track down the registered owner of the vehicle and the cops issue a citation. That’s how it’s done in Amarillo and in virtually all cities that have deployed these devices.

In Tamarac, however, the cameras are nabbing motorists rushing to the hospital to seek medical attention.

How fair is that? Not at all, if you ask me.

One guy ran a red light as he was rushing to the hospital. He got caught, went to court to appeal the fine and was told his medical emergency was not sufficient to warrant his running the light. The judge also slapped an additional penalty.

When I saw this story, I couldn’t believe it. I thought the source, Watchdog.org, was one of those farcical websites that pokes fun at public policy with fake news reports. Turns out the site is legit, and the story appears legit as well.

Amazing stuff.

Don’t even think about doing something like this, Amarillo City Hall.