Hoping the grid holds up

My ol’ trick knee is acting up again.

It’s throbbing and telling me I ought to worry about whether the Texas electrical grid is going to hold up if we get another winter blast like the one that paralyzed us this past February.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas grid froze up. It sent millions of Texas households — including ours — into the dark while the temperature hovered near or below zero. We came through OK. Our water supply in Princeton shut down for a little while, but that recovered, too.

The Legislature was supposed to hustle to ensure that ERCOT’s grid was winterized to prevent future catastrophes. I have not heard much from lawmakers about what they did to make sure that the “reliability” of ERCOT holds up this coming winter.

I wonder aloud about this because the temperatures are falling in North Texas, as they are expected to do. We’re well into autumn and the first day of winter is only about five weeks away.

The trick knee, though, keeps me wondering whether the state has done what it was supposed to do or whether it was too worried about banning abortion and suppressing Texans’ ability to vote.

We’ve got some pressing issues out here, lawmakers. Make damn sure you pay attention to us.