Dictatorship? Hardly!

When did requiring children to be vaccinated become a symptom of a dictatorial regime?

Oh, wait! It’s the tenor of this contentious time when everything becomes challenged … even for no good reason!

I am an old man in my early 70s. I recall vividly getting vaccinated every year before the start of school. I would sit in the school nurse’s office and get my shots for whatever was on the table at the time: measles, whooping cough, TB, you name it. Mom and Dad never bitched about my sisters and me needing to get shots.

We just did it, started school and went about doing whatever it was we were doing when we were kids.

Now, though, our children are threatened by a potentially fatal virus. It’s killing Americans each day. The COVID-19 virus is still a part of our lives and, sadly, part of many Americans’ deaths.

However, the push to get our children vaccinated, along with their elders, is running into resistance from those who are yapping and yammering about government “overreach,” about how the feds are dictating how we must conduct our affairs.

“It’s my choice to get vaccinated,” we hear from some of the dipsh**s out there. Yeah, it’s their choice, but only when it doesn’t threaten others’ lives. When they refuse to get vaccinated, they threaten everyone else around them.

CNN anchor John King spoke eloquently the other day about the unknown and unseen threats posed by those who refuse to take precautions to protect themselves against the killer virus. They expose themselves and potentially others to mortal threats. That ain’t right!

So, let’s all stop the carping and griping about a “government overreach” that is nothing of the sort.

The numbers don’t lie. Those who are vaccinated against the COVID virus are much more secure than those who refuse.


2 thoughts on “Dictatorship? Hardly!”

  1. Key point: the vaccines you received as a child were tested for YEARS to determine long term affects. Covid vaccine was tested for weeks and got EMERGENCY approval not actual approval. Big difference and a reason many folks are skeptical.

    When have mandates worked well in a free society. The more mandates citizens follow, the more they’ll accept mandates in the future. Can’t imagine where that could lead.

  2. These anti vaxers mistake freedom for privilege. I agree the are free not to take the shot but that does not mean they are free to be around others. They scream about love for this country yet they will not even get a shot to protect their neighbors.
    I am tired of their inability to grasp the simple fact that the shots work and that all of the people they listen to on Fox have gotten the vaccine. I am sick of them and I believe that the majority of Americans are sick of them as well.

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