Gen. Milley acted correctly

If we are to believe the reporting of two world-class journalists — and I do — about the chaotic final days of the Trump administration, then we also can believe that the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff perceived that the president posed an existential threat to our very nation.

Bob Woodward and Robert Costa have written a book titled “Peril.” They chronicle how the 45th president of the United States sought to overturn the results of the 2020 election that delivered Joe Biden to the presidency.

One of the many episodes they chronicle involves Army Gen. Mark Milley, the Joint Chiefs chairman, who believed the POTUS was capable of starting a nuclear war with China. What did Milley do, according to Woodward and Costa? He called his counterpart in Beijing to warn him of what he feared might happen.

As you might expect, Republicans are hollering “treason!” and suggest that Milley went outside the chain of command. They are calling for his resignation, or his arrest and conviction by court martial. The Constitution does declare that civilians set military policy.

I do not believe Gen. Milley committed a treasonous act. He did the right thing. He perceived that the sociopathic narcissist who had lost a free and fair election was capable of doing immense harm to this country and, apparently in Milley’s eyes, to the entire planet.

Milley aimed to head off a presidential effort to cling to power by any means necessary.

Truth be told … I cannot fault Gen. Milley for that.

4 thoughts on “Gen. Milley acted correctly”

  1. If it happened, it’s the definition of treason!!! I can’t believe you’d support such an act. There’s zero evidence there was any immediate danger. Again, complete speculation and trying to paint a narrative.

    1. conservatives say the same thing, “there’s zero evidence about any immediate danger” regarding the Jan. 6 attack on our Capital. You and “they” have chosen to stand behind a pathetic unbalanced person instead of reality. Your credibility is zero.

  2. Doesn’t have a damn thing to do with Jan 6th. It has all to do with calling the Chinese “as a warning”. That’s treason!

  3. Has everything to do with Jan. 6 because of-
    Definition of treason from Oxford Languages-
    Noun- the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.

    Provide one definition of treason that fits Gen. Milley’s actions to safeguard our Country.


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