These men are true heroes

By John Kanelis /

While watching the four D.C. and Capitol police officers testify before a House committee on the harrowing events of Jan. 6, I was drawn back to an experience I once had while working in Amarillo, Texas.

I also was reminded of something I have believed for as long as I have believed anything: police officers perform heroic acts every day. 

In 2003, I attended a citizens police academy hosted by the Amarillo Police Department. It was an 11-week course that acquainted class members with many aspects of police work.

I long have believed in the heroism that officers perform while protecting us. I also am aware of the heat many of them have gotten in recent years over the manner they have behaved and the injustice they have delivered at times in the performance of their duty.

The men who spoke to the House select committee about what they experienced during the Capitol Hill insurrection brought much of that belief into vivid view as I recalled my brief exposure to police work during my academy stint.

These four men demonstrated their heroism on that terrible day. They have earned our eternal respect and gratitude.