Red vs. Blue in variant standoff

By John Kanelis /

This much has been clear since the politicization of the COVID pandemic took center stage.

It is that Republicans are leading the chorus against the vaccines; Democrats support them. As a result, we are seeing a spike in delta variant virus infections in GOP-leaning states and regions while Democratic-leaning areas are, well, remaining somewhat stable.

What are we to make of that?

I’ll go out on a limb and suggest that the MAGA crowd is wrong about the efficacy of the vaccines. They are paying the price with sickness, hospitalization and even death. It’s a terrible waste of human life.

President Biden calls the surge an affliction of the unvaccinated. He is correct.

I will not stand by and let the fanatics who continue to support the former Insurrectionist in Chief continue to spew their lies about the vaccine. They have lied through their teeth about the vaccines. They have disputed the best medical minds on Earth. They are killing human beings and they have blood on their hands.

You want to play politics with this disease? Keep refusing to be vaccinated against the killer. The stakes then become a matter of life and death.