Gun violence action on tap?


President Biden wouldn’t seem to need any lectures on the limits of executive power. So it makes sense to me that a planned executive order that seeks to stem gun violence is being done with all due diligence on its legality.

Let’s all stay tuned for Biden’s announcement set for Thursday in which he will invoke an executive order that sets stricter regulations on something called “ghost guns” and implements more stringent background checks on those who want to purchase a firearm.

Congress, to no one’s surprise, is dawdling on legislative remedies in the wake of recent Atlanta and Boulder massacres that left 20 people dead. Republicans are resisting any effort to tighten the rules for purchase. Democrats need 10 GOP senators to help them end an expected Republican filibuster.

The Hill newspaper reports: Advocacy groups, including Brady, Giffords, Everytown and parents of victims of the 2018 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, have met with Domestic Policy Council Director Susan Rice and Biden adviser Cedric Richmond in recent weeks.

Anti-gun violence advocates, including some who attended meetings with Biden officials, told The Hill in February that, through executive order, Biden could eliminate ghost guns by defining what constitutes a gun.

The term ghost guns refers to guns available for purchase, typically without a background check or a serial number, that are not fully finished or may have a missing part.

Biden expected to announce executive action on guns | TheHill

Does any of this violate the Second Amendment constitutional provision that allows Americans to “keep and bear arms?” Hardly.

5 thoughts on “Gun violence action on tap?”

  1. I’ll ask again, what legislative action would keep guns out of the hands of criminals and not punish law abiding citizens??? I’ve asked before and you’ve never answered.

    It’s obviously not a gun problem. We had guns hanging in our trucks in high school. Most towns did. We didn’t have the violence then. With the number of guns in society, if guns were the problem, there would be a hell of a lot more violence.

  2. Someone wants to buy a gun. He’s got a sparkling clean record. He waits 3 to 5 days to pick the gun up. He isn’t deprived of anything, other than to delay his hunting trip for the time it takes the feds to check him out. Another guy with a history of violent behavior tries to buy a gun. The feds run his record and he comes up dirty. He doesn’t get to purchase the gun. Can he steal one? Can he get one from a friend? Sure. But a background check rule is a good faith effort to keep the guns away from nut jobs. And no law abider is punished.

  3. BS!! Criminals won’t go through the system to purchase a gun. You know damn well that’s the case in 99+% of the time.

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