So much to hate about this law

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The new Georgia voter suppression law signed by Gov. Brian Kemp is so detestable at so many levels.

One element, though, rises above the rest of it in terms of its offensiveness. It’s the prohibition that makes it a crime to provide food and refreshments to voters who are standing in line — sometimes for many hours — to cast their votes.

I want you to ponder that for a moment. What in the world can be possibly gained from this prohibition? It appears designed to dissuade people from voting if they believe a long wait is in the offing. Indeed, Georgia electoral history suggests that long voting wait times occurs most frequently in precincts with large African-American majorities, who — surprise! — tend to vote for Democratic candidates for public office.

So, this is the Republican response? This is how that state’s GOP intends to fight?

The law limits the number of polling places. It places restrictions on early voting. Across the board the law seeks to make voting a good bit more difficult, which to my way of thinking is about as un-American as any legislation I have seen in a good while.

The notion, though, that Americans cannot deliver refreshments to their fellow citizens to give them sustenance while they wait to cast their ballot is just plain offensive in the extreme.

It sickens me.

3 thoughts on “So much to hate about this law”

  1. Most of it I do agree with. There needs to be more accountability in our elections and cleaning up the process is a must to gain accountability.

    That being said, I agree about refreshments. I don’t see that as having anything to do with voting. Just seems like a nice gesture to offer someone a snack or water while they wait.

  2. How is voter ID voter suppression? You literally need an ID for everything! And don’t say some can’t afford an ID. How use some of the TRILLIONS to make sure everyone has an ID.

    You have to use an ID to pick up tickets at will call for a baseball game. And MLB thinks voter ID is wrong!!!!

    Please explain this to me!

  3. And now MLB leaves Georgia, citing voting law, to Colorado which has the same and slightly tighter voter laws than Georgia. How fricking stupid does one have to be!!!!

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