Vaccine effects vary widely


There is something I have learned about the COVID vaccine’s after effects.

It is that one cannot predict what they will be.

Friends of mine who are preparing to get their vaccine are asking: What can I expect? My answer: I haven’t the foggiest notion.

I had expected some side effects from my first vaccine. I had a sore arm and a little bit of flu-like aches and pains. Then they vanished after a half-day of mild discomfort. Then I was told the second shot would make me feel like dookey. I got the second shot this past Friday. Symptoms? Nothing, man.

A member of my family received both of his vaccines and reported the second dose laid him low for a whole day. He said he felt like crap all day. Then he was fine.

The lesson I have learned from all of this?

One cannot predict with any certainty how one will react to this vaccine. Next time someone asks what they can expect, I’ll just tell ’em: Just receive the vaccine and hope for the best.

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