Cruz is doing what?

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Ted Cruz is going where, doing what? The junior U.S. senator from Texas is going to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration as the 46th president of the United States?

Glory be! Shut my mouth! Ruffle my hair and call me Frankie!

This comes after the Republican flamethrower fought against certifying Biden’s election as president, fomenting the Big Lie about voter fraud that didn’t exist in the 2020 presidential election.

Cruz has been vilified, pilloried and pounded … with good reason for the obstructionist tactics he employed while trying to block the Senate’s vote to ratify the Electoral College vote.

The Texas Tribune reported: “Millions of Americans who have peacefully expressed their deep concerns regarding election integrity deserve to have their voices heard,” Cruz said in a statement after the Capitol siege. “I very much wish Congress had not set aside these concerns, but I respect the position each of my colleagues took. Debate in the two houses of Congress is the proper way to resolve our political differences, not through violent attacks.”

Ted Cruz, John Cornyn plan to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration | The Texas Tribune

This news actually leaves me with mixed feelings. I detested what Cruz did to sour the mood over Biden’s election, which was all done above board, fair and square … and totally secure.

I’m glad he’ll attend the inauguration of the clear and decisive winner of a presidential election. It’s the very least he can do as a sitting U.S. senator, even one from the opposing party.

Cruz could make it better were he to admit he erred in contesting the most secure election in the nation’s history.

Will he do that? I don’t think so, either.

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