Trump ban is no violation of liberty


Time for a brief civics lesson to the minions of Donald J. “Insurrectionist in Chief” Trump.

Many of them are yammering that Twitter’s decision to ban Trump permanently from the social media platform is a violation of the president’s First Amendment rights of free speech.

Ummm, no. It isn’t. Not even close.

Trump has made liberal use of Twitter to get his message out, to do an end-around the filter of what he calls “mainstream media.” He was wildly successful at it, collecting 88 million or so followers. Many of them hung on every pronouncement he made. To be candid, I followed him, too, but only to see what kind of nonsense he would send out there.

He also used it to foment lies, such as the voter fraud lie about the 2020 election.

Twitter took action as a private business and banned him. Why doesn’t it violate the First Amendment?

The amendment instructs Congress to pass “no law” that restricts a number of personal liberties; one of them is free speech. The founders directed the amendment at the legislative branch of government, ordering Congress to refrain from passing laws that inhibit free speech, religious freedom, a free press, freedom to assemble peaceably, to seek redress of grievances against the government.

The amendment does not prohibit a private business, such as Twitter, from blocking someone from using that platform to spew lies … which Donald Trump has done!

There. Civics lesson is over.

11 thoughts on “Trump ban is no violation of liberty”

  1. So, Trump, and other conservatives, get banned, but Iran’s leader gets to keep his account spewing crap about Americans and others. Yep, Twitter did this due to their “policy”. What a crock!!’

    Trump’s been called a Nazi. I believe it was the Nazi’s that did the censorship. Imagine that!

    This is censorship when the big tech are purging followers of numerous conservatives and they basically have a monopoly on social media. If there were other viable options and they weren’t protected by federal government, it might be considered a “private” company doing what they want.

    So much for the party of “unity”!

  2. Bullshit! And, you know it. Google, Apple and Amazon turning off services for a platform that’s against what they think. Twitter and Facebook purging followers of conservatives is a show of “power”. Which side is acting like Nazis???!!!

  3. For the record, I never mentioned 1st Amendment. I understand how it works. I’m discussing censorship, which is different. When only one side can get a message out, you have censorship. MSM and big tech are only presenting one side of the countries thoughts, feelings, etc. The way we are progressing, we will only hear and see what current government wants us to see/hear. There’s no denying that when there’s really only a few players at the top level of big tech and MSM.

    1. Both sides are getting their messages out. How is it, thus, that you can cite the opinions with which you agree? You are able to do so because your side is delivering its message. The only “censorship” occurring in this context is that which bans those who want to overthrow the government. The other crap that comes from the seditionists is collateral damage, to which I say … tough sh**.

  4. Not every conservative is trying to overthrow the government!

    We do want to be able to hear both sides of a position. We are very near only hearing one side. It baffles me that you can’t get that. I guess it’s because your side is not the one being censored. You can’t tell me MSM doesn’t lean heavily one sided to the left and big tech doesn’t lean left as well. Biden has appointed several big tech folks to positions in his administration.

    How would you feel if WordPress dropped you little blog simply because they don’t agree with what you write?

    I don’t have a problem with Trump losing access to Twitter. I could care less. It’s everything else that’s transpired against conservatives in the last few days.

    All summer, you guys kept saying to quit blaming the masses for the actions of a few. Now you’re okay with big tech blaming/punishing the masses for the actions of a few.

  5. Oh John, how you conservatives are put upon. Victims, all the time and everywhere. Must be really galling that your Messiah is deemed to be more dangerous to America than the Ayatollah. 🙂

  6. Where did I say I give a damn about Trump?

    At least bring substance to the conversation instead of jumping to conclusion and trying to be condescending.

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