Settle down, nerves

Am I allowed to express a bit of nervousness? Sure I am! This is my blog and I can say whatever I deem appropriate!

So, here goes …

I am getting slightly nervous that Donald Trump, on whose watch we have seen a pandemic rocket out of control and producing an epic economic collapse, could actually be re-elected to a second term as president of the United States.

Do not misread this nervousness. I am not predicting it will happen. Nor am I going to predict that Joe Biden will end our long national nightmare with an Election Night victory over Trump.

I just listen to Trump’s bellicosity, his anger, his in-our-face declarations that Biden will lead us straight to hell and I am filled with dread that Trump’s base of supporters is getting fired up. Worse, I am shuddering at the prospect of Trump persuading those few undecided voters out there that he’s their guy.

He is playing into many Americans’ fears about the unrest that is boiling up in cities across the nation.

Joe Biden can point to Trump’s abject incompetence in his early handling of the pandemic. Trump, though, is seeking to portray Biden as being soft on the violence that has erupted on many city streets.

Dare I remind anyone that all of this is happening … on Donald Trump’s watch? There. I just did.

Trump managed to trash Hillary Clinton in 2016 sufficiently to eke out an Electoral College victory. I am not going to suggest a similar event will occur this time, with Trump losing the actual vote by even more than he did four years ago but still winning the Electoral College.

I am going to express my fear that it could happen. The very idea of a second Donald Trump term is likely to cost me more than a few sleepless nights.

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