How do our service personnel react to this?

I should ask him directly, but instead I will do so on this forum.

I have a member of my family who’s on active duty in the Army. He has served in combat in Afghanistan. He also is an avid supporter of Donald Trump. He is fond of saying “Trump 2020” when we chat via social media.

How in the world can my family member possibly continue to support a president who reportedly (a) didn’t know about reports that Russians were paying Taliban fighters to kill American military personnel or (b) knew about it but did nothing to stop it?

To me the reports of intelligence that Russians were paying a bounty  on our troops seem credible. We need answers. Now!

4 thoughts on “How do our service personnel react to this?”

  1. Our intelligence teams can’t agree if it’s credible. All have said Trump hadn’t been briefed since it wasn’t confirmed yet. Jumping to conclusions, again! You’d think you and msm would learn. It may be true, time will tell. But, so far, your average is not good when it comes to jumping to conclusions.

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