Bolton a ‘loser’ and ‘wacko’?

Donald Trump’s reaction to John Bolton’s memoir would be laughable were it not such a scathing indictment on Trump’s own view of the quality of individuals he has chosen for hyper-sensitive national security jobs.

Bolton served for 17 months as national security adviser. Then Trump canned him; or Bolton resigned, depending on who’s telling the tale. Now Bolton has penned a book — “The Room Where it Happened” — that skins Trump alive, calling him “unfit” for the presidency.

Trump’s reaction, via Twitter, has been astonishing. He called Bolton a “wacko” who was “washed up.” Trump said Bolton never could have been confirmed for a Cabinet-level post, so Trump tossed him a bone as national security adviser, a job that didn’t require confirmation by the Senate.

What the hell?

Is this how Trump treats this job? The guy you entrust to provide you with unvarnished intelligence on threats to the nation is a “wacko”? What in the name of perfection happened to the notion that Trump would surround himself with the “best people”?

Bolton is no “wacko.” Granted, he isn’t a standout by my way of thinking, but he has served previous Republican presidents who trusted his advice and counsel.

I also believe as he does, that Donald John Trump is unfit for high public office.