POTUS wishes us a ‘happy’ what?

What’s next from Donald J. Trump? Oh, he might decide to wish us a “Happy Pearl Harbor Day.” Or, maybe it’ll be a “Happy 9/11.”

Today, the president of the United States, sent out a Twitter greeting that said: “HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY TO ALL!”

This, of course, comes from the individual who once cited a New Testament passage from “Two Corinthians.” 

OK, for Christians around the world, Good Friday is not a day to be, um, “celebrated.” It marks the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. That’s in the Bible, too, Mr. President. The Gospels tell us about that terrible event.

The happiness arrived three days later when, according to Scripture, they went to the tomb where Jesus’s body was interred … and he wasn’t there.

Easter is Christianity’s most joyous day, Mr. President. It’s when we celebrate Jesus’s resurrection. It gives us faith in an eternal life that awaits Christians.

But … what does it matter to this fellow? You see, the evangelical leadership will look straight past this president’s Biblical ignorance.


2 thoughts on “POTUS wishes us a ‘happy’ what?”

  1. More nitpicking!!! Just wow!!! Should he have said ‘let’s be mournful this Good Friday’. I’ve never heard someone say ‘let’s be mournful today’. But, that’s exactly what you are asking our President to day.

    You are certainly getting low in your nitpicking.

  2. Knock it off. You don’t wish someone a “Happy Good Friday” when you know it’s a day of sorrow for those of us who believe what the event signifies. Sheesh! Get a grip, man.

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