Professor makes mistake by invoking name of POTUS’s son

Pamela Karlan is one of four constitutional legal scholars who testified today before the House Judiciary Committee.

She was sailing along with her remarks … and then she made a mistake. Professor Karlan said that Donald Trump couldn’t make his son Barron “a baron.”

Bad call, professor.

She drew criticism from Republicans on the committee, who scolded her for invoking the name of the president’s minor son into the debate over whether his father should be impeached by the House.

Karlan deserved the criticism, which also came from first lady Melania Trump, who said the children of politicians are off limits.

Yes, they are.

But then Karlan took a moment at the hearing to apologize for her remarks and to express regret that she made them. I am willing to accept her apology. However, I am not holding out much hope that her critics — and the president’s allies — will do the same.

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