‘Good government’ is about to take some time off

I consider myself to be a “good government progressive.”

Government should do the most good possible but it takes individuals on both sides of the political aisle to make it work as I believe our nation’s founders intended.

So … having laid that out, I fear we are about to enter an era of “no government” action aimed at helping Americans.

Impeachment now is clouding it all in Washington, D.C. Donald Trump is enraged at Democrats who want to impeach him for violating his oath of office. He says a phone conversation he had with the Ukrainian president was “perfect,” even though he asked his counterpart for foreign government assistance in getting re-elected and in digging up dirt on a potential 2020 opponent, Joe Biden.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has launched an “impeachment inquiry.” Trump is spending his days now firing off Twitter tirades and tantrums at his foes.

What does all this do for the cause of good government? It throws it into the crapper.

Democrats are enraged at Trump, too. The president, who doesn’t work well with Democrats under the best of circumstances, isn’t likely to work with them on anything now that House Democrats appear intent on seeking his ouster from office.

So, we’re going to pay our lawmakers a six-figure salary ostensibly to enact legislation, cast votes and send bills to the Oval Office for the president’s signature.

Except that none of that is likely to happen as House Democrats and Donald Trump play political chicken with each other.

Therefore, good government will vanish for the foreseeable future.

One thought on “‘Good government’ is about to take some time off”

  1. The era of good government has been declining for far too many years. Lately we haven’t had good government. The Democrats are too busy finding fault with the Republicans, while ignoring the fact that some of their own politicians haven’t always played by the rules. Was Trump’s alleged request out of line. If, true … yes. But haven’t foreign governments in some way tried to interfer in our government, through influence, bribes and blackmail. Yes , and it’s not a recent effect. It’s been said that we have the best government, money can buy. Didn’t we try to impeach Clinton a while back? And then there was a Nixon thing? And don’t forget Hillary refused to use a secure server and then the thousands of missing emails. No party in either part is pure. We could say, ‘let those without sin through the first stone.” I’m pretty sure you won’t find and innocent politician in each party…. if you dig far enough.

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