SCOTUS says POTUS can use defense funds to build The Wall

This judicial ruling might raise a hackle or two among some congressional Republicans. I now will explain.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled 5 to 4 that it’s all right to spend Defense Department funds to build The Wall along our southern border, giving Donald Trump a victory in his ongoing fight with those who oppose The Wall.

Why the GOP objection? Get a load of this: When he was chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Republican Mac Thornberry — my former congressman — criticized openly any effort to redirect appropriated Defense money to build The Wall. Thornberry said wall construction is not part of the military’s mission. He opposed any effort to turn our troops into construction workers.

A lower court had said any such move would violate federal law.

I happen to agree with the lower court.

Congress appropriates Defense Department funds to pay for military missions. Trump has said the immigration “crisis” on our southern border is a national security matter. Thus, he is willing to divert those funds to build The Wall he believes is necessary to curb illegal immigration.

I am wondering how Thornberry, who represents the 13th Congressional District of Texas, is going to respond to the high court’s ruling that pokes the former committee chairman in the eye.

One thought on “SCOTUS says POTUS can use defense funds to build The Wall”

  1. One of the few items the constitution actually grants the federal government to to is ” provide for the common defense “; pretty sure protecting our border from illegal invaders counts. And let’s not forget that Congress actually approved building a “Border Wall” during Bush 43 administration. But as usual, Congress mandated something be done, but failed to appropriate any funding for that purpose. So let’s get off the ” Congress didn’t approve the wall ” train before the Supreme Court derails that lawsuit! Thornberry is on the wrong side of this issue.

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