Trump praise getting harder to deliver

I truly hoped to be able to write good words of praise for Donald J. Trump. Honest. I write truthfully about that.

But dang it! Events keep overtaking me. And the president. These events keep precluding High Plains Blogger from offering unqualified praise for positive events emanating from the Trump administration.

Convictions, guilty pleas, presidential harangues against career federal prosecutors, threats to fire the special counsel and the attorney general.

At almost every turn, Donald Trump keeps acting like a guilty party in all these investigations swirling around him and his deeply troubled and flawed presidency.

How can a critic, such as me, look past all this stuff? How can one assess whatever good comes from the administration without adding some sort of caveat that shrouds praise in something, oh, less praiseworthy?

I’m on the verge of surrendering to all this negativity. I just might have to give up looking for reasons to write positive blog entries.

The hard part involves offering praise for the sake of praise. No strings attached. No qualifiers needed.

The president keeps sinking more deeply into the morass.