Standing with this Vietnam vet

I’m with John Ackert.

The Tallahassee, Fla., resident has been told he must remove an American flag from his mailbox. The edict has come from the homeowners association to which he belongs. The HOA has rules that prohibit member homeowners from decorating their mailboxes — even with patriotic colors.

What a stupid rule!

Ackert served in Vietnam. He had been drafted, but then joined the Navy, where he made it a career of military service. Ackert retired with the rank of lieutenant commander.

I get that the HOA has rules its members must follow. But this one? This rule about donning red, white and blue colors on a mailbox? I believe that’s a bit too strict.

According to The Washington Post: “Recently, he said, the homeowners association wrote to him, saying the flag mailbox violated the community covenant and had to go. If he did nothing, the letter said, the HOA would fine him and could ultimately place a lien on his home.”

Place a lien on his home? Are you bleeping kidding me?

Read more of the Post story here.

The HOA has clammed up, saying that it is talking with Ackert and that it wouldn’t comment specifically on the dispute until after it is resolved.

Here’s a thought. How about waiving that stupid rule and let people decorate their mailboxes as they see fit, providing they don’t do so with images some would find offensive; you know, nude pictures and that kind of thing?

But decking out a mailbox with colors depicting Old Glory? Please!

Stand tall, Lt. Cmdr. Ackert!