Waiting for no one

OK, let’s get right to it.

Amarillo has technology that it is not using the right way. I refer to street-light synchronization.

Exhibit A: The stop light on Coulter Street, at the Lowe’s parking lot. The light is meant to allow traffic coming out of the parking lot onto Coulter. However, I frequently drive north on Coulter well before the sun comes up — and well before anyone is leaving Lowe’s. But, by golly, I’ll get stopped at the red light. I am waiting for no one to drive onto Coulter.

Isn’t there a way for the city turn that into a blinking yellow light after hours and then, say, at 8 a.m., turn it to a traffic-activated signal that turns red on Coulter when someone wants to exit the Lowe’s parking lot onto the busy thoroughfare?

This isn’t the only spot in Amarillo where drivers wait needlessly.

We are not talking about Star Trek-era technology.