You want a piece of me?

I’ve been called out, so I’ll take the bait.

A reader of this blog said he “gets it,” and that Rush Limbaugh’s commentary makes me “want to puke.” Well, that’s a little over the top. Limbaugh doesn’t make me sick to my stomach. It does, however, sadden me when his fellow Republicans genuflect before a guy who’s only credential is that he is an entertainer with a bucketload of opinions.

The reader says I’ve never been “specific” about my criticism of Limbaugh. He’s right. That’s because Limbaugh doesn’t articulate policy. He is critical of the “other side” on purely partisan grounds. If Democrats are for something, he’s against it. He calls himself a “conservative,” but I don’t know how he defines his conservatism. Is he a “social conservative” in the mold of, say, James Dobson? Is he a “fiscal conservative” like Newt Gingrich? Is he a less-government conservative who follows the doctrine of Barry Goldwater?

He’s a jokester.

The reader wonders if I am afflicted by “professional envy.” Ummm, no. I’m not glib enough. I’m glad for his success. Limbaugh has developed a following of Dittoheads — a term which, if you think about it, is an insult. But those who hang on his every word are happy with the description. More power to ’em.

My real concern lies with the dismal state of the conservative movement. William Buckley, an absolute genius, is now gone, but the world has other first-class conservative thinkers. George Will comes to mind. Gingrich has a wealth of ideas — and he can be a forceful advocate for them. William Kristol is an articulate advocate for the conservative cause. Those are just three. They argue their cause with civility. I don’t believe thoughtful conservatives wish “failure” on the president of the United States.

Limbaugh’s talent? He’s excellent at finding straw men and then beating the stuffing out of them.

But he’s now the voice of the conservative movement in this country. Sen. Goldwater — God bless his soul — is spinning in his grave.

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  1. you’ve made it clear that you’re not jealous of the most popular conservative commentator, but nevertheless you’ve vowed to discredit, polarize, and condemn limbaugh while also openly insulting his listeners. and for what reason? it seems that you have a beef with rush because he is the “voice of the conservative movement.” or maybe it is just because “he’s a jokester.” i thought you had a sense of humor, kanelis.who is rush limbaugh? is he the arch anti-liberal? an insignificant entertainer with a golden microphone and soothing, confident voice? is this simple blend the recipe for unrivaled success in radio broadcasting? if it were, i suspect the rush limbaugh show would be readily emulated.i cannot follow your logic when you automatically disqualify another man’s opinion on the basis of “he is an entertainer.” of course his show will entertain; why else would 20 million people tune in every week? let us discuss the entertainment value of the newspaper you write for. does rush limbaugh read daily horoscopes? i would denounce the AGN as non newsworthy “entertainment”, but it is simply not very claim that the man responsible for single-handedly resuscitating the arena of ideas is out of them- a fairly shallow charge. limbaugh’s success derives from an unwavering dedication to conservatism and not from cheap parodies. he personally knew barry goldwater- a man you unfairly claim would prefer your version of moderate conservatism.i suspect that you favor conservatism light, “diet liberalism.” bill kristol and cokie roberts is more your style.

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