What he could have said

I’m still steamed over Gov. Perry’s implied threat of secession.

He spoke to that Tax Day “tea party” rally in Austin and all but said that Texans could secede from the United States if they get angry enough over our government’s tax policies. Had he asked me, though, here’s what I would have had him say:

Thank you, my fellow Texans, for turning out on this glorious day to rally against the government’s free-spending ways.

I see some signs out there saying things like “Secede Now.” You might think you want to pull out of the greatest nation on the planet. But remember, we did that once and look what happened. The nation fell into a Civil War, the bloodiest conflict in American history.

Look, folks, I know you’re upset with the president’s policies. Same with Congress. You’re angry at the bailouts. But secession creates many more problems for us than it solves. We need to stand together, one nation united, to change the policies we deem to be inappropriate. I plan to call President Obama right after this rally and express my concern — and my support for him and his efforts to right our ship of state. That’s what good Americans ought to do. Unlike some of the blowhards in my party, I don’t want the president to fail, for that would have dire consequences for the nation.

Secede from the greatest nation on Earth? You gotta be kidding!

No, the answer lies in working with the federal government, not against it.

But our governor said nothing like that. Instead, he tossed out all that red meat to the crowd.

And to those who think he misspoke: That was no gaffe. A tough re-election campaign is coming up over the horizon and the governor is energizing his base.

3 thoughts on “What he could have said”

  1. So not supporting policies that will ruin this country makes a person a bad American? The president’s success in certain policies he’s implementing and calling for will certainly have dire consequences, so I hope he fails. And that doesn’t make me a bad American Mr. Kanelis. If Mr. Perry had spoken the things you say he should have, it would have guaranteed his defeat. The rank and file Republican doesn’t want to get along with the dems. They want to utterly defeat them, drive them from power in every area, and drive the remnant into a permanent corner of political ineffectiveness. Trying to be like democrats is what has gotten the GOP removed from power to begin with. And you’re asking they continue to do the same old thing that brought them to their current castrated condition. And you might reply that we need to be bi-partisan for the good of the country. I agree, so drop your divisive liberal stands on the issues and convert to conservatism, for the good of the country.

  2. I have to say! BRAVO!!! Someone had to say it and I applaud you for your bravery! And to all who seem to think that the same old policies and practices should go on ad infinitum I say: CHANGE IS GOOD!

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