Economy to frame ‘14 elections differently

Politico has it right: The 2014 mid-term elections could be framed by an economy in ways we haven’t foreseen. Good economic news is going to make non-incumbents scramble for issues on which to run.

Who knew?

The deficit is shrinking. People are going back to work. The Gross Domestic Product is increasing at a quicker clip. Manufacturing is up. Home sales are rebounding. Financial institutions are lending money.

I’ll stop there.

Still, we keep hearing these pollsters tell us that most Americans think the economy is in the tank. I have to consider the source of some of these polls, given that so many of them these days are partisan polls that lean one way or the other. The national mood still isn’t very good, but I’m beginning to think the negativity could be overrated and overblown.

It well might be a product of the social media that keep filling our eyes and ears with complaints about problems that might not exist.

I keep looking, though, at the hard data concerning jobs and deficits. They tell quite a different story.