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In February of this year, I posted a blog about the Ku Klux Klan and how it continues to promote a message of hate … even though some within the organization profess to have moved past the KKK’s bloody and murderous past.

I referenced a fellow from Mississippi, a Klansman, who said he would fight against efforts to legalize same-sex marriage in next-door Alabama.

Well, overnight, the Klansman — Brent Waller — responded to my blog post.


It’s at the end of this post. I encourage you to read it.

I’m going to make only one response to the fellow’s view of the state of things in the United States.

He seems to think the country is going straight to hell. He blames all that is wrong today on those who won what he calls the “second war of independence.” He means, of course, the Civil War and he blames the Union’s victory for what has happened in the country.

I prefer to think our nation has had a much more positive trajectory since the end of the Civil War. We went through that period called “Reconstruction,” which meant we had to rebuild the former Confederate States of America; we went through the civil rights movement, which the Klan opposed; we enacted landmark legislation granting all Americans — regardless of race — the rights of full citizenship, which the Klan also opposed.

Waller thinks we’re headed for some abyss.

I beg to differ.

Still, I welcome this man’s comments and I laud him for putting them out there for the public to read.


There 14th amendment was added after the war of northern agression. The Southern states Legislative bodys were filled with black puppets, so their Amendment is therefore a Tyrants Amendment.

Almost every thing wrong with this country can be traced to the doorsteps of those who won the 2nd war for independence.

I will not stoop to your childish name calling level, but do suggest a relearning of the true history of the war, and the Tyranny that existed in my state at the hands of Barbarians from 1865 to 1877.

The Ku Klux organized and drove the disgusting international carpetbaggers from our state, and brought an end to the lie called ” Reconstruction”.

The Bible clearly states a man shall not lie with a man as a woman. This nation was built as one nation under god.

It is our duty as Christians and Klansmen to oppose Tyranny, and the crowd that follows in the sin of Satan. Unnatural sex, and unnatural marriage goes against the Word.

Do you suggest White Christians who sailed the ocean and fought for this country with their blood just simply give it up to Tyrants, International bankers, lunatics and fools?

Being gay is a choice people make. They make these choices as they were constantly told, by the international carpetbaggers media that the sins of Homosexuality are OK.

The carpetbaggers fear Nationalism, so they are in a mode to destroy America from within. They are pouring in the third world masses and promoting Homosexuality. They finance all elections and only support those who prosdtitute their votes for money. These slimy prostitutes deserve a special seat at Satan’s table.

Throughout history when the grip of the Tyrants hand gets to tight upon the God Fearing White mans throat, He rises up and slays the Tyrants. So just to answer your question of how White men fight, start with the French Revolution and read.

If you as a person promote the enemy’s agenda of Homosexuality you need to check your Morals.

This serpent as you called me is not the Grand Dragon, He is the elected Imperial Wizard of the United Dixie White Knights. My Ancestors fought in the American Revolution and every war since they helped build the American Republic.

I’m a husband and father, and a man who has a thorough understanding of how this country was founded and the atrocities of the revolutionaries who won the second war for independence. Most simply have no clue and are trained sheep.

To ignore the word of God is risky business

Have fierry cross will travel

IW Brent Waller

2 thoughts on “Klansman responds to blog”

  1. I would have answered from the start if asked. When you say we had to rebuild the south, it is obvious to me that you have bought the lie of Reconstruction hook, line and sinker.

    Start with the book ” Kemper County Vindicated”. The so called Reconstruction was the goal of the bankers who financed the war. It ” Reconstruction” should be renamed “Rape, Robbery and pillage.

    During this reign of terror, Black puppets, and their carpetbagger master’s controlled both of Mississippi’s legislative bodys and the Governors mansion. All rights could have been restored to blacks during this time, yet they chose not to do so.

    The 15th amendment was never put into effect by the Military rule we existed under. Why? They were to busy doing the deeds of there banker masters.

    Reconstruction and the real truth of it are barely glossed over in schools today, by design and for good reason. This reign of Rape, Robbery, pillage and murder lasted in our state from 1865 to the Klan ended this reign of terror in 1877.

    How did we end it, much like the French Revolution the people filled river bottoms with the blood of Tyrants, Puppets and fools. Much hemp was stretched.

    During this time the South was looted of all her riches, The land stolen, and many crimes were committed in the name of Reconstruction. Any instance of defiance by the people was dealt with by the carpetbaggers calling out the Black protesters and arsonists. This brought down the bootheal of the Union Government all by design.

    The truth of reconstruction is barely mentioned in history books, as those who won the war prefer to teach 5th grade boys how to insert condoms in their anus.

    Yet you do not think we are headed into an abyss.I beg to disagree. Your initial article seemed to defend Homosexuality, and those who defy the word of God to promote unnatural marriage.

    The Mississippi Klan opposes Homosexuality, bestality, pedophilia and unnatural marriage on strict biblical grounds. The sin of Homosexuality is being pushed by the enemy through its nightly news media.

    The efforts to turn America into a Homosexual third world cesspool dominated by illiterate poor immigrants who have no idea how this country was founded and fought for in blood. Both classes are easily controlled sheep.

    The attempts to weaken society and turn the White warriors of this land into pathetic sissy’s is easy for a Klansman to see.

    Klansmen posses the knowledge of history and religion, All true Klansman are taught how the world and all of the Whites ancestral lands were stolen by the International bankers. Today this cartel is commonly called the New World Order.

    They conquered the south and rebuilt a new country but left the name of America on it. Shortly thereafter the Bankers were allowed to install there usary system. The wealth and Gold evaporated.

    “Control a nations wealth and you control a nation, I care not what puppet they put into office”. Baron Rothschild

    The real Klan is here, we are not the goons dressed in black shouting obscenities at crowds of sheep. We are not on Jerry Springer. All true Klansmen are Christians who do not follow the modern interpretation of Judeo Christianity.

    We do not acknowledge the enemy’s modern retranslation of the Bible to conform to their agenda. We never will as we posses the truth of history and religion.

    In our state this battle against Homosexuality is far from over. A justice of the peace, or a minister must sign the unnatural marriage license for it to be legal.

    Any politician “Justice of the peace” who does so will feel the wrath of the Klan. How? Through our efforts in the many political groups we are in, to oust them with our votes. We will also open there closet doors for their constitutes to see.

    The Federal Government has no jurisdiction over individual States marriage laws. Nor the right to trample the Mississippi Constitution to enact gay marriage in our state.

    A Constitutional convention must be called to restore America and limit the Federal Beast which is under complete control of the International Banker.

    I fear that if we do not do this, the American people may just rise up one day and start choping their damn heads off. Either way it is of utmost importance that we understand as a people that the International Bankers must be tossed into the ocean to swim back home.

    These issues have the Klan and other patriotic groups seeing as boom in membership.One like I have never seen in the Klan since my childhood.

    That fact sir, shows that Americans especially White Americans are getting fed up. It is my job as Imperial Wizard of the Consolidated Mississippi Klan now known as the United Dixie White Knights LLC, to awake the sleeping Dragon, to show the truth of the world to those who distort history and the Christian religion.

    This is a job that I intend to do. I can not in good conscience stand by and remain silent, knowing that the world I am leaving my kids and yours is being destroyed by the greed of a few.

    My ancestors fought with William the Conquer, and participated in the failed plot to overthrow the King of England. This plot known as ” Wallers plot” was put into play as a result of a Tyranical King.

    I guess their DNA is definitely passed down to me. If one can not turn on the news today and see our Honorable Confederate Ancestors were just in fighting the jackboots of Federal Tyranny, they must be blind.

    My entire line in the South served the CSA, in Maryland my ancestors served the Union. I only found one that owned slaves. You do not fight for that which you will never have the money to own.

    They were fighting for the country as it was founded, and so is the Ms Klan. We will continue to leave the light on for those who distort history, or the word of God.

    Have Fiery Cross Will Travel

    Elected Imperial Wizard
    Brent Waller

    UDWK P.O. Box 1423 Leakesville, Ms 39451

  2. Please excuse my spelling, I typed that today on a small tablet with a very aggravating spell check feature that seems to be illiterate. I often use it as I’m a busy man who travels alot. I miss my old typewriter.

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