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Oops! Warren Beatty steals the show

What are we talking about this morning? Donald Trump? North Korea? Climate change?

Oh, no. None of that. Many of us are talking about Warren Beatty and his “Steve Harvey moment” at last night’s Oscar ceremony.

Reluctant as I am to comment on entertainment news, this is kind of a big deal if you follow this sort of thing.

Beatty mistakenly blurted out “La La Land” as the winner of the best film Oscar — except that the real winner is “Moonlight.” The “La La Land” cast and staff poured onstage to accept the honor, only to learn that Beatty goofed.

It reminded everyone in the Hollywood, Calif., hall of what happened this past year when Steve Harvey announced the wrong name as the winner of the Miss Universe pageant. Harvey hasn’t lived that one down … yet.

My own view? Hey, crap happens, man! It ain’t the end of the world.

I am quite sure, though, that Harvey has sent Beatty a note — via some form of social media — thanking him, in a manner of speaking, for proving once again that human beings indeed are fallible creatures.

Now, let’s all get back to the big stuff.