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Welcome back, Mme. Tax Collector


This doesn’t happen every day in county government.

In fact, this is the first time I’ve seen it occur in more than 30 years observing politics and government in Texas.

Randall County’s tax assessor-collector, Sharon Hollingsworth, only thought she was retiring this past week. She’s getting her old job back after the woman appointed to succeed her, Christina McMurray, decided she wanted to return to her old job in the county tax office.

So, McMurray quit the tax assessor-collector job and Hollingsworth is returning to her post — albeit temporarily.

She still plans to retire and go fishing with her husband. I spoke with Hollingsworth a few days ago when I learned of her plans to retire and she expressed joy at the prospect of getting on with the rest of her life.

Well, it’s going to wait a little while longer.

According to the Canyon News: “Randall County Judge Ernie Houdashell said that the court will go back on the search for a replacement for Hollingsworth, thanking her for continuing her service until a replacement can be qualified and sworn in.”

At least there’ll be no on-the-job training required for county’s newest tax assessor-collector.