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Listen to my friend, Mr. POTUS

I have a friend with whom I share an interest in politics and public policy. She is well-read and is a student of the process that delivers policy decisions to us … for better or worse.

She believes President Biden is trailing the presumptive GOP presidential nominee because he has become tone-deaf to the current reality. Which is that not all Americans are feeling as good about the economy as the president thinks they are.

Thus, my friend surmises, he should stop crowing about the economy and appeal directly to the fear that many of us have about the possibility that the former Sexual Assailant in Chief just might win the presidency once again.

Biden needs to talk directly and incessantly about the threat to our democratic system that the wannabe dictator poses to our system.

Americans are historically proud of the liberty we enjoy. The GOP nominee-to-be is stated categorically that he intends to impose a dictatorship “for one day only” if he becomes POTUS. One day? Really? Do you think the former Liar in Chief will reinstate all our democratic norms?

He has boasted about his placing three justices on the Supreme Court, and their hand in revoking women’s right to terminate pregnancies. Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 SCOTUS decision is now history. Biden vows to restore it if he’s re-elected. His opponent promises to tighten the screws women’s reproductive rights.

Democratic political guru James Carville, no slouch on these matters, said recently that the Republican message has gained traction. The GOP nominee’s hush money trial isn’t making a dent in the lead Carville says he enjoys. Democrats are blowing it, Carville declared. Remember, this is the guy who coined the phrase in 1992 that “It’s the economy, stupid.” It worked for Bill Clinton.

Well, my friend is on board with the likes of Carville. She, too, wants Biden to crystallize his message, harden it to drive home the point that our democracy is in dire peril if Americans make the wrong choice at the ballot box this fall.

Listen to these people, Mr. President! They’re all pulling for you!

It’s still the economy, stupid

James Carville, the political guru who burst into notoriety while helping steer Bill Clinton to the presidency in 1992, once famously declared, “It’s the economy, stupid” as he led Clinton to victory over President George H.W. Bush.

I believe President Biden would do well to resurrect a portion of Carville’s winning mantra.

It’s still “the economy, stupid” as Joe Biden campaigns for re-election in 2024.

The numbers hold up well under careful examination.

Joblessness is near historic lows; we are creating more jobs each month than any time in our history; inflation is receding; our national budget deficit has been slashed.

Mr. President, you are entitled to gloat just a bit, reminding us that “Bidenomics is working!”


Democrats need to pay careful attention to James Carville

Consider yourself forewarned: The item I am attaching to this brief blog post contains some rough language, but the underlying message is spot on.

It comes from former Bill Clinton political adviser — and creator of the phrase, “It’s the economy, stupid” — James Carville.

Carville warns that the Democratic Party is squandering its chance of defeating Donald John Trump later this year if it nominates a non-Democrat, a socialist in the form of Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Read it here.

Carville says he is “scared to death” of the party’s future if it marches down the far-left side of the highway upon which Sanders is traveling. I happen to concur with what Carville is asserting.

It is not unrealistic to believe that Trump could win re-election in a 40-state landslide if Democrats are foolish enough to nominate Sanders, who Carville said isn’t even a Democrat. He is an independent who represents Vermont in the Senate. But there he is, sitting at or near the top of the Democratic Party field.

Carville knows how to win these elections. He helped steer Bill Clinton to victory in 1992 in impressive fashion. Clinton won with a substantial Electoral College majority and a strong plurality among voters in a three-way race that included the late Ross Perot running as an independent candidate.

So, when Carville urges his party, the Democrats, to look more pragmatically at a nominee, someone who tacks more to the center than to the far left fringes, then I believe he is onto something.