So many issues …

So many issues from which to choose that will define this upcoming presidential election … so little time to decide which one matters the most.

If you were to ask me the one issue that resonates the most clearly with voters, I would go with “reproductive rights.”

Call it “abortion rights” as well. Whichever term you prefer, I believe this single issue could help decide who wins the presidential election. At least as importantly, may be more so, it could decide which party controls Congress. Democrats at this moment hold a slim majority of Senate seats; Republicans, meanwhile, hold an equally slim majority in the House of Representatives.

You know my preference, but I’ll repeat it here: I want Democrats to tighten their Senate grip and want Democrats to wrest control of the House from the GOP.

Republicans are hellbent to make abortion illegal nationwide. They would deprive women the right to make this profoundly personal choice on their own. The 45th POTUS managed to get three Supreme Court justices seated in his term in office.

He is taking personal credit for “killing” Roe v. Wade. Let us hope the boast bites him in his overfed backside as he seeks the presidency yet again.

Abortion is far from the only linchpin issue that could swing this election. We also have democracy vs. autocracy, support for Ukraine in its war with Russia and the ongoing crisis on our southern border.

The fight over whether women should control their own bodies, though, resonates with me as the one issue that could propel women to vote en masse to protect those rights against the mostly male governing bodies wanting to dictate to them.

6 thoughts on “So many issues …”

  1. The idea that you chose abortion as the top issue shows exactly why democrats are out of touch with the American people.

  2. So many issues…

    On CNN, Biden claims inflation was 9% when he came to office.

    What do you think he’s basing that number on? He is so damn delusional!

  3. Biden is also starting to turn his back on Israel. He has stopped the sending of missiles to Israel. What a piece of shit he’s become cowering to the far left!

    1. Help me understand Biden’s threat to cut off aid to Israel while continuing to ask for more money for Ukraine. It sure looks suspicious!

      1. Duh.
        Israel is pounding civilians and Ukraine civilians are getting pounded.
        Strat there.

        1. Sounds like you don’t support Israel.

          You do know that the numbers of civilians have been drastically reduced as they have been wrongly reported.

          Israel always lets civilians know multiple hours ahead to give them a chance to not be there. Hamas hides behind civilians like the cowards they are. Israel is doing what they must to protect themselves. Everyone know if Israel were to lay down their weapons, Hamas would instantly attack and it would be worse than October 7th.

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