Politics gets in the way

I am not particularly proud of what is about to come forth on this blog, but I feel compelled to make this acknowledgement.

It is that the current political climate has delivered a demonstrable blow to my ability to keep friends I’ve had and make new friends along the way.

You know about what — and whom — I refer. The Age of the Former POTUS has delivered to us an intolerable political climate. Those with differing political perspectives now are seen as “enemies” of those on the other side. We’re no longer just adversaries, or political opposites.

The former POTUS set the bar so very low that it’s easy to step over it and declare that those on the other side of the great divide aren’t worth keeping as friends. I kind of fall into that trap.

For all I know many of my friends well might be of the MAGA ilk. They just don’t wear their philosophical ID on their sleeves or plastered on their face. Nor do they swoon out loud when the voice of the 45th POTUS is within earshot.

Until now I didn’t routinely seek to know someone’s political leaning before committing to a friendship. It’s a sad state of affairs to acknowledge that I have done so.

Damn! I am not proud of myself. However, I cannot tolerate establishing a relationship with someone on the other side of the chasm that divides us. It would be fine if we could discuss our differences intelligently, calmly and reasonably.

I have encountered too much blind intolerance to be comfortable in this hideous political environment.

2 thoughts on “Politics gets in the way”

  1. It’s not the former POTUS that “has delivered to us an intolerable political climate”. It’s guys like you that have so much hate that you can’t see all the good Trump did for this country as well as other countries along the way. Maybe start watching videos in their entirety as well as written BS and you’ll see how the media has faked their way through.

    Get off the hate bandwagon and think for yourself and you’ll see the man isn’t anywhere near what you, and the media, have proclaimed.

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