How can they debate?

If the sky falls in and President Joe Biden is going to face the guy he defeated in the 2020 election once again this fall, then I am compelled to ask this question out loud.

How in the world will President Biden be able to stand on a debate stage with an individual who has done all he can to destroy the government he once swore to protect and defend? 

How will he greet him when a moderator introduces them to the nation awaiting this joint appearance? Does he shake The Former Guy’s hand? Does he just ignore him? For that matter, how does TFG respond if the president extends his hand?

Actually, I expect the president to act like the gentleman he is and expect his opponent to, oh, hell … I don’t know what he’s going to do when the moment arrives.

It’s likely to be a desultory affair … to say the very least.

About the only memorable line from the series of joint appearances in 2020 came from Biden when he told his foe to “just shut up, man.” 

This is one of the many potential disasters awaiting those of us who are at least moderately interested in what remains of our American political process.

One thought on “How can they debate?”

  1. I predict that the Democrat’s nominee won’t be Biden. Somewhere between March and May, something happen that will remove Biden and Michelle Obama will be the replacement. The world is pretty sure former President Obama has been running things behind the scenes anyway. I’m probably wrong, but we’ll see. The bottom line is the Democrats can’t let Biden debate. He’s not coherent or competent enough.

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