Waiting for political mojo

Political junkies such as me usually start getting excited about pending presidential campaigns at this time of the year.

We’re on the cusp of welcoming a presidential election season. This should be an invigorating time. Candidates are supposed to be tossing out ideas, principles, policy pronouncements.

What are we getting on the eve of the 2024 presidential election? Hmm. Let’s see: We have an incumbent president seeking re-election with poll numbers reportedly in the crapper; I want the incumbent, Joe Biden, to be re-elected. His leading challenger?

Oh, brother. It’s the guy he defeated in the 2020 election, who then refused to acknowledge that he lost, stormed out of D.C. prior to Biden’s inaugural. Then came the investigations into his theft of classified documents, his role in the assault on our government, his effort to overturn the results of the 2020 election, his business dealings in New York City.

Good grief, man.

Normally, I would be gnashing at the prospect of two candidates getting ready to square off.

Not this year. The prospect of an incumbent president facing a known and demonstrable fraud in the upcoming election sickens me to my core. Why? President Biden is well past his prime and I acknowledge it. The moron who stands poised to be nominated by the Republican Party, though, is nothing more than a dispsh** with bad hair. He has no ideas, no moral compass, no guiding philosophy.

But, by God, he has that cult following consisting of election deniers and morons who believe that it’s time to “make America great again,” ignoring the obvious fact that this nation remains the greatest nation on Earth.

Sigh … maybe my political mojo will get juiced up in time to give a damn. My fear, though, is that it won’t.