Hamas: still untrustworthy

Try as I am to keep my emotions in check over the release of hostages by the Hamas terrorists, it is good to remember one thing about this group of monsters.

It is that they are monsters, they have no regard for human life and even less regard for the existence of Israel.

The hostage exchanges are certainly welcome news for the families of those who have been held captive by the killers. I join them in rejoicing the return of their loved ones. Of particular joy must the family of the Israeli who was thought to have died at the hands of Hamas, only to be released very much alive.

This world of ours would be a much better place without Hamas, which has ruled Gaza for years now. Hamas ignited the war with Israel on Oct. 7 with its fusillade of rocket fire and mortars … launched specifically against civilian targets.

Israel responded with maximum force. Yes, the loss of Palestinian life has been tragic. But … that a devastating consequence of war. The Israelis contend they are working to avoid civilian casualties … and I believe them!

They also intend to rid this planet of Hamas, which is hiding behind innocent civilians, which the terrorists’ MO. How in the world do the Israelis accomplish that mission without inflicting unintended collateral casualties? Answer? They cannot.

The fighting will resume shortly, I am going to presume. There will be more destruction and death. Meanwhile, I intend to say my prayers that ask God Almighty to help send the Hamas terrorists one unmistakable message.

If you keep fighting, you are going to die!