Puppy Tales, Part 105: What a champ!

Toby the Puppy has had quite a year, to be sure. He lost his Mommy to cancer in February and has mourned Kathy Anne’s passing along with the rest of the family.

That wasn’t the end of it for him, though. He and I headed east for few days this past summer. My puppy came down with a urinary tract infection, got it treated initially in North Carolina, then we got home to get some disturbing news.

Toby the Puppy was diagnosed with cancer. It has infected one of his kidneys, his prostate gland and his bladder.

Since then, though, I am happy to report some relatively good news.

Toby the Puppy finished his radiation treatment sequence. The doc tells me his tumor “has not grown. It looks the same.” I accept that as good news. The clinic staff hasn’t discussed “prognosis” with me. Indeed, I am not yet prepared to have that discussion.

I am prepared to look positively toward the immediate future with Toby the Puppy standing with me as we continue our journey forward to a new life.

I cannot predict how or when his current challenge will end. The doc tells me the radiation and the chemo treatment that will follow are both proven to be effective in fighting the disease he has. He talks about “controlling” the mass they found, which I interpret to mean extending my puppy’s life.

He is comfortable. Toby is still full of piddle and vinegar. He is as sweet as he always has been since the moment he joined our family in the summer of 2014.

He is my champion … and he is making Kathy Anne proud, too.