Pence: We’re not as divided as our pols?

Mike Pence announced today he is running for president in 2024 and while I don’t embrace his policies or his leanings, he did offer a bit of wisdom in his speech with which I want to agree … in principle.

He said something today about Americans being not as divided as our politicians.

Pence spoke of unseating President Biden, suggesting that the nation is falling apart, that it has lost its way, that we need to “return to traditional values.” Hmm. I don’t know what he sees out there, but the America I see is full of all those values.

The former vice president told the Iowa supporters to whom he spoke about the great divide among American politicians, but said the nation out here in Flyover Country isn’t as divided.

Man … I hope he’s right.

I had dinner Tuesday night with friends who recently traveled back east through the heart of what they described as “Trump country.” They talked about seeing “Fu** Biden” signs in businesses. My friends’ recounting of what they saw doesn’t quite square with the picture that former VP Pence painted about the nation he hopes to lead.

Toby the Puppy and I are about to head east along much the same route my friends took as they meandered their way through the South and along the Atlantic Seaboard. I don’t what I’ll see or who I will meet. As a general rule I don’t sweat the stuff I cannot control. So, I’ll just go with the flow.

I will agree with the former VP that our politics — and our politicians — are deeply divided, suggesting that they aren’t representing their constituents’ desires. Hmm. Is this another sign of a broken system of governance … that needs to be repaired?