Don’t cuff Donald

Donald Trump is now headed for arguably the worst day of his life when he appears next week before a judge and will be indicted officially for a felony he allegedly committed.

OK, so here comes something that might surprise you. I do not believe Donald Trump needs to be handcuffed when he is “arrested,” read his rights and then photographed for his mug shot.

Why not cuff the ex-president? Because I believe it is too provocative a gesture … and a gratuitous one at that! There appears be some rumbling out there about protesting the Trump indictment. Putting the ex-POTUS in handcuffs well could spur the nut jobs among the Trump cult to re-create the havoc that erupted on 1/6.

The word is that Trump will travel to Manhattan, N.Y., for his indictment. The judge presiding over the procedure ought to issue a gag order to seek to silence Trump, who has lost his mind over the indictment. The process should play out peacefully, in an orderly fashion and in accordance with the rule of law.

One way to ensure a peaceful process is to avoid the spectacle of seeing Donald Trump in handcuffs.