GOP self-inflicts a serious wound

Paul Burka’s blog takes note of what ails the Republican Party these days. He is spot on.

While declining to discuss the merits of legislation under consideration in the Texas Legislature that would restrict abortions in the state, Burka takes dead aim at the narrow-mindedness that continues to drive the GOP political machine.

As the Texas Monthly writer notes, Texas Republicans – just like their brethren all across the nation – have forgotten about the message of the 2012 national election. It is that the Grand Old Party is out of touch with a changing nation.

That’s likely as true in Texas as it is elsewhere.

Texas Democrats keep talking bravely about the state becoming competitive once again, with Democrats challenging Republicans for political supremacy. That day well may be coming, but it won’t arrive just yet. But it’s going to happen, as the state’s demographic makeup is changing almost daily.

For now, though, Republicans are calling the shots in the Legislature, with their large majority in both legislative houses, their hold on every statewide elected office in sight and their continuing success at the ballot box among voters who keep electing and re-electing GOP candidates over superior Democratic challengers. One example: Republican Sharon Keller’s victory in November over Democratic challenger Keith Hampton in the race for the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals presiding judge.

Burka explains Senate Bill 97 this way: “It requires physicians to personally administer the two-drug cocktail (Mefipristone) that induces a medical abortion, which must be taken 24 hours apart, and to see the patient for a follow-up appointment within 14 days. The bill also requires physicians performing abortions to put existing verbal agreements with back-up physicians into written contracts, so that the state can track the names of doctors with hospital privileges that are willing to treat abortion patients in emergency situations.”

I always thought Republicans opposed Big Brother legislation. Have they changed their tune?