It was no mere ‘riot’

The more I see and hear from — and about — the 1/6 House committee examining the insurrection, the more secure I feel about some of the command decisions I made regarding how I would communicate on the matter through this blog.

What do I mean?

What occurred on 1/6 now looks for all the world like a premeditated attack on our nation’s governmental process.

Thus, I do not refer to it as a “riot,” which by definition is a spontaneous event that erupts during a protest, which brings me to Point No. 2.

I do not refer to that event as protest, nor do I refer to the mob who attacked the Capitol as protesters. The U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment refers to “the right of the people peaceably to assemble … ” The mobsters were traitors to the nation.

There was nothing “peaceable” about what we witnessed that day.

I long ago adopted the word “insurrection” to define on High Plains Blogger what occurred that day. A couple of critics have told me that no formal charge of insurrection has been filed against anyone. Testimony and eyewitness accounts of what transpired that day have confirmed — to my eyes, at least — that we did witness an insurrection.

I say all this with a heavy heart. Spare me the criticism that I am crying “crocodile tears” over what transpired on 1/6. It truly does pain me, as a red-blooded American patriot, to see this chapter being re-told in this fashion.

It is an abject lesson we all must watch and heed, no matter how much it hurts.