'Cruz Missile' for president?

Shall I weep uncontrollably or jump for joy at this bit of political news?

A former staffer for U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas may be planning a Draft Cruz for President within the Republican Party.

Why weep? I suppose I would weep for a once-great political party if it actually committed the foolish act of nominating someone so, um, polarizing. Why be joyful? A Cruz candidacy and a thumping by the Democratic Party nominee in November 2016 likely would spell the welcome end of the movement this media hog is leading within the Republican Party.


Raz Shafter, a former regional director for Cruz, is heading up a political action committee that — under federal election law — will be able to raise unlimited amounts of money to promote Cruz’s possible presidential bid.

Cruz has been circumspect about this notion, which is a bit ironic given that he’s hardly exhibited any form of rhetorical reticence since joining the Senate in January 2013. He’s been blathering incessantly about the so-called evils of the Affordable Care Act, debt increases, Barack Obama’s presidency itself and wondering whether Vietnam War combat veterans John Kerry and Chuck Hagel had enough appreciation for U.S. military commitments.

I guess my first reaction to this draft Cruz movement — whether I should weep — is a bit premature.

Maybe I ought to start my happy dance at the idea that Republicans actually might nominate the Texas Cruz Missile.